Rug Centrifuge

Irreplaceable machine for extracting moisture and chemical residue from the rug. Saves time and labor and enables unbeatable quality, especially if there is extra rinse while spinning option available. Read more...
Rug Lifter

Ultimate solution to your needs of lifting, loading and transporting heavy rugs in your washing shop. Read more...
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Rug Centrifuge 2014

Every year we improve our products and add new features. We are proud to introduce 2014 model of Rug Centrifuge featuring:
  • 15 feet long inner cylinder made of just one sheet of perforated steel. We are the only manufacturer in the world offering seamless cylinders that long. Our centrifuges are known for stability and quiet work and this seamless cylinder will be the next step to excellence.

  • Longitudinal seam is now welded automatically and every inch of it is inspected using x-ray.

  • Two water ports for rinsing rugs during spinning. Additional port at the back of centrifuge enables better distribution of the water along the rug.

  • Hi tech centering ring made of casted polyamide with 30% of glass fiber for superior strength.